Sticker Maker APK Download For Android, iOS, Windows [22MB]

Sticker Maker is an APP that allows you to create your own sticker packs for WhatsApp. Among thousands of applications, we can introduce Sticker Maker as one of the most entertaining applications. This is the best way to make stickers using your phone and it lets you easily create stickers. Now you can design a bundle of stickers for Whatsapp freely using Sticker Maker. 

sticker maker

Users can directly download the latest version of Sticker Maker from the internet. It is possible to freely download the application and for your android operating system, for your iOS operating system, for windows and mac now you can download Sticker Maker and use it for creating a bundle of stickers. 

What is Sticker Maker App ?

Sticker Maker is a wonderful application for mobile users. Now you can freely download the latest version of the Sticker Maker for your mobile phone or PC devices. While using the application the only thing that you have to do is, name the designed bundle, select an icon image, and finally, you can create many stickers easily without any messing. The process is completely simple and easy.  

Users can easily add new stickers to your bundle or creating a new sticker is super easy. Here you have to select an image to add to your sticker collection and then you can add several changes. To crop the image, using the tip of the finger and save it. For one bundle you can add up to thirty images. 

Sticker Maker APK Download

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App NameSticker Maker
Latest version0.0.2-28
APK Size22.48MB
DeveloperViko & Co.

More about Sticker maker

Sticker maker is a wonderful application for Whatsapp. The reason for that is, now you can freely make stickers using memes, your own photos, or using other photos that are stored on your phone. So now you can easily make stickers, sticker packs for friends, for family, or for anything within 4 easy steps. First, you have to select a proper name for your sticker package. Then add those stickers, cut them using fingertips. Now you can publish the sticker package. Then enjoy it by sending it among friends. 

Latest Sticker maker update

The latest Sticker maker 0.0.2-28 update was released on September 15, 2020. If you are a new user, then you have to select the latest update. If you currently use the Sticker maker earlier version, update it with the new one. The new version includes new facilities, updated features, and modifications. And you can have many benefits with the new update. Those are, 

  • The new application smaller in size
  • Renamed dialog with fixed issues 
  • Fixed issues in stickers  
  • Available option – text only
  • Stickers with better quality 
  • The new update includes a scrollbar for your sticker library 

Sticker maker for Whatsapp 

Mainly, WhatsApp users get the opportunity to create custom stickers for their own and share them with friends. You can easily create your own collection and you can add any texts freely. So it is possible to create comedy stickers by adding your own speeches. These stickers are getting popular rushly. With the Diwali and other Hindu festivals, Kerala Piravi festivals, other custom stickers with regional languages were instantly hit. 

However, it is, with the Sticker Maker you can easily create your own sticker collection and then you can easily add them to WhatsApp. This possibility is available because WhatsApp enables the facility to add support for third-party sticker apps. 

Easiest ways to use stickers on WhatsApp – How to use it 

To design your own sticker collection, you have to download the Sticker maker apk file for your android device. When the download process successfully completed tap on the option “Create a new sticker pack”. 

Now you have to enter a suitable name for this sticker pack and author. On the new page, it allows you to add 30 new custom stickers. Here you can create any number of sticker packages using the application and you can add up to 30 stickers for each package. 

To download the latest Sticker maker version you do not need to use VPNs. It supports direct downloads and is also included in the google play store.

After adding stickers in WhatsApp you can see the icon appears as an identifier. The tray icon does not seem like a sticker.

To create your own sticker collection, tap on the add sticker icon. Then you can easily begin to create your own collection. It is possible to create your own custom stickers here, using your gallery. Now you can use photos from google photos or from the gallery or drive to easily create stickers.  

When you select an image, you can easily crop the image and select only the area you want. Use fingers to crop the images. Cropping with your fingers is not precise but the results are acceptable and pretty enough to use. If you went wrong while cropping, you can restart the process. Finally, add stickers to your sticker pack. 

Best sticker making app for your smartphone

If you are looking for sticker creating applications, now you can easily use Sticker maker with your smart android devices as well as iOS devices. While using those pre-designed stickers, using them, again and again, makes you completely bored. So as the best solution now it is possible to use the Sticker maker application, download it for your smartphone and design your own creations without any difficulty. 

This is an entertaining application. You can use those newly designed stickers for chattings, make others laugh, and spend your boring time turning into funny. Not only for your smartphone now you can easily download Sticker maker for PC as well.

Sticker maker versions 

  • Sticker maker V0.0.2-28
  • File size – 28.8 MB
  • Available downloads XAPK and APKs
  • Released date – 2020-09-15


  • Sticker maker V0.0.1-28
  • File size 24.6 MB
  • Available downloads XAPK and APKs
  • Released date – 2020-07-12


  • Sticker maker V0.0.1-27
  • File size 22.0 MB
  • Available downloads XAPK and APKs
  • Release date – 2020-07-03


  • Sticker maker V0.0.1-27
  • File size 29.5 MB
  • Available downloads APK
  • Release date – 2020-06-25


  • Sticker maker V0.0.1-22
  • File size 24.5 MB
  • Available downloads XAPK and APKs
  • Release date – 2020-06-02
  • Sticker maker – V0.0.1-10
  • File size 18.7 MB
  • Available downloads XAPK and APKs
  • Release date – 2020-03-12


Sticker maker more information 

  • Application name Sticker market
  • Package Com.marsvard.stickermakerforwhatsapp
  • Requires- Android 4.1 and above versions up to Android 9 and iOS 12.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices, Android smartphone devices, and tablets
  • Languages – English, German, Dutch, French, Hebrew, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Developed By Viko & Co.

What’s New in Sticker maker

There are several changes added in the Sticker market with the development. The latest released version includes a list of facilities and those are, 

  • New magnifier glass
  • Removed limitations for a sticker pack 
  • Can easily add stickers up to 30 
  • Freedom to design many stickers 
  • Fixed import functionality
  • Fixed export functionality.
  • Issues fixed for GBWA.
  • Meizu bug was fixed.
  • ‘About’ page included with new information.

Download and install Sticker maker on your android device

Android users now can easily download Sticker maker apk files directly from the internet. It is available from the Google play store as well. By the way, Android users get the entire freedom to directly download the latest Sticker maker apk file from the web. The process is entirely free and you have to select a reliable website to download Sticker maker. Now you can directly download the application by following the below steps. 

Step 01. Download the Sticker maker apk file directly from the internet. 

Step 02. Then go to device settings and enable Unknown sources. 

For that follow device settings > tap on Security settings > enable unknown sources. This is an essential process. You have to follow the above instructions. If you missed those steps, you cannot continue the installation.  

Step 03. Then close all the opened windows. Open the device download folder. Tap on the downloaded Sticker maker apk file.

Step 04. Tap to begin the installation. Here you have to agree with application terms and conditions to continue the process further. 

Step 05. Finally, it will take a few seconds to complete the installation. After successfully completing the installation you can enjoy the Sticker maker by designing several sticker sets. Enjoy it! 

Download and install Sticker maker on your PC/MAC

Although sticker maker is easy to download for all the supported android devices, it is not easy to easily download sticker maker for PC. You have to use a supported android emulator here. For that now you can easily follow the instructions mentioned below. Here you can use the best and most recommended bluestack emulator. This is a recommended emulator for your windows and mac operating systems. 

Step 01. In the beginning, it is necessary to download the Bluestack emulator for your pc. Then install it. 

Step 02. When the installation process is successfully completed, then you are free to install a sticker maker through the bluestack emulator.

Step 03. Now search sticker maker apk file 

Step 04. Open the Google Play store, for that, you have to use your Google account logins.

Step 05. Then log into the Google Play store.

Step 06. Once again, search the sticker maker app in Google play store.

Note – By the way, you can use the sticker maker apk file directly from the internet. Here you can install the sticker maker apk file through bluestack. 

Step 07. Tap on the Bluestack app to begin the installation. 

Frequently asked questions on sticker maker

Q1. What is this sticker maker app?

Answer: Sticker maker is a popular android application. Now you can easily use this to create stickers using your smartphone. 

Q2. Latest compatibility of the sticker maker?

Answer: Sticker maker is already supporting Android 4and above devices. With iOS 12.1 and above, Windows, and macOS devices. 

Q3. How to download sticker makers for pc devices?

Answer: For that, you must use an android emulator. Through an android emulator, it is easy to download and install a sticker maker for your PC. 

Q4. Does the sticker maker cost a payment?

Answer: Sticker maker is completely free. You can freely download the latest sticker maker application directly from the internet and the process is entirely free.  

Q5. How to use the sticker maker?

Answer: It is easy to download a sticker maker for your smartphone. Then you can easily manage the application process to create your own stickers using your device gallery, google drive, or google photos. For each set, you can add up to 30 images. Then you can store those stickers on Whatsapp and share with your friends.